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Mere Asmaan Se Zaara

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Mere Asmaan Se Zaara

Post by Raja Abro on Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:38 pm

Mere Asmaan Se Zara Paray AIK

Mere Sath Safar Mein Tha CHAND

Meri Manzilon Se Zara Paray___ KHARA

Teri Justaju K Hasaar Say RAHA

Tere Khuwab,Tere Khayal SE

Mein Wo Shakhs Tha Jo Khara Raha

Teri Chahton Se Zara Paray____

Kabhi Dil Ki Baat Kahi Na Thi

Jo Kahi Wo Bhi Dabi Dabi

Mere Lafz Puray To Thay Magar

Teri Samaaton se Zara Paray___

Tu Chala Gaya Mere Hum Safar

Zara Dekh Mur K Tu IK Nazar

Meri Kashtiyan Hain Jali hui

Tere Sahilon Se Zara Paray____!


Raja Abro

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Raja Abro

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