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Post by Ahsan Sindhi on Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:09 am

Aa-ee taando khanan, Borchyaani thee vethee (She came only to borrow a charcoal, but remained to take full charge of the kitchen)

Aah gareebaa kair khudaayee (if the down trodden cry in pain for the harm inflicted upon them, then God Himself takes revenge.)

Aahey ta Eed na ta Rozo (if one is financially sound, then one eats well, like one does during the festival of "Eed". If one, on the other hand is not economically comfortable, then one must perforce fast like during "Roza".)

Abo gasey dheeya vasey (that fathers have to work very hard so that their daughters prosper.)(dowry related)

Ahraa suhinaa toohaa ta jangal mein bhee ahan (beautiful "toohaa" flowers abound in the jungle.)

Aj hamaan, Subhaaney tamaan (today I suffer, tomorrow you might be the sufferer.)

Akul khaaey gam or Gam Khaaiendein, Sukh Paaendein (the wise one swallows ones pain and pride knowing the reward will be peace of mind )

Allah rusey mat khasey (What happens when God is unhappy with you? you lose you good sense.)

Amaanat mein khyaanat na kajey (if someone gives one something for safe-keeping, one must honorably return it when the time came.)

Ba bhaur tyon lekho (where there are two brothers, a written document (of finance and properties) must exist.)

Baanee saayee jee saayee, Gaayee bukhyey jo bukhyo (those who are honest will never want even though they may be cheated)

Bandey jey man mein hikri, Sahib jey man mein bee (Man Proposes, God disposes)

Budyal beri maan, Loh bhee chango (whatever one is able to salvage from a bad debt is good. Hence if a ship drowns, salvage the iron.)

Chao dhiya khey, Ta sikhey noonha or Dhak hanh dhiya khey, Ta sikhey noonha (If you instruct your daughter, your daughter-in-law learns.)

Charee jo chooro, Kadheen tanga mein, Kadheen baanh mein (a crazy woman wears a bangle, sometimes on her wrist and sometimes on her leg. This proverbs is pointing to the fickle nature of an unstable woman.)

Chintaa chikhyaa samaan (worry is like death.)

Chor jee maau, Kund mein rooey (the mother of the thief, cries in a corner. This proverb implies that the mother of a guilty one cannot share her grief with anyone, and hence cries alone)

Daaney daaney tey mohir. (that every grain of food is stamped with the name of the eater.)

Deraanyoon veraanyoon, satan janman khaan viryal (sister's in -law (wives of brothers), continue to remain enemies since the last seven generations even though they probably stayed and ate together.)

Ditho sab visaar, Undithey khey yaad kar (one must forget what one has seen, and look towards the unseen future)

Doita vadhandey very (the children from ones daughter were never close enough to their maternal grand-parents, however much the latter pampered the kids.)

Eendo sabko disey, vendo disey kon (People have a way of noticing how much money comes into the house, but they generally never keep count of how much goes into expenditure.)

Ehro kam kajey, Jo laal labhey, Ain preet bhee rehjee achey ( one should act in such a manner that we find the sought for gem and we continue to retain the friendship.)

Gareeb jee joy, jag jee bhaajaayee (the wife of a poor man is like a brother's wife to the world. I believe that the above means that just like a brother's wife was supposed to serve one with respect, so was a poor man's wife.)

Ghar ghoran khey, Baara choran khey (for daughters in law or/and wives who spend enough time following their own pursuits: the house has been left to the horses, and the children have been left under the care of thieves.)

Ghar jee gahpee, Matan jo panee sukaayey chhadey (arguments in a house can get so hot, that they are capable of drying up the water in the earthen pots.)

Ghar jo kin, Ghar mein dhopjey (one must wash ones dirty laundry at home.)

Ghar mein ghar, Budee vanee mar (if your extended joint families live under the same roof, you are as good as dead.)

Gur jaaney, Gur jee gothree jaaney (only the person who is in the situation is aware of his own pain) Hikree latey sau patey (one door closes, another hundred open.)

Jabal khey thyaa soora jaayee kuyee (the mountain had labor pains, but only a mouse took birth.)

Jahaan jeeyu tahaan sikhu (there is no end to learning, and that while one continues to live one continues to learn.)

Jainh khaado taro, Tainh khey nako soor nako baro. (if one eats the food from the bottom of the saucepan, one will not suffer from pain or humiliation. It implies that it pays to be humble.)

Jainjo khaaibo, Tainjo gaaibo (one must appreciate and praise, those who feed you and/or do you a favour.)

Jainkhey dinyoon jaayoon, Tinsaan kahryoon baayoon (once one has given ones daughters in marriage, one cannot get angry with her new family.)
Jeda utha, Teda loda (The bigger the camel, the bigger the jerks it experiences.)

Jeeyu khush ta jahaan khush (Laugh and the world laughs with you)

Jeko chul tey, So dil tey (one is always more fond of those members of ones family with who one lives and eats together.)

Jeko daadho so gaabo (he who stands his ground, eventually wins.)

Jinjo hitey khap, Tinjo hutey bhi khap (Literally means: Those who are most needed on earth, Seem to be needed by God as well. Or, Those people who are needed, die sooner than we would like them to.)

Kadheen kadheen akhyoon bi dokho khaayee vanyan (sometimes ones own eyes deceive us)

Karz vado marz (owing debts is like suffering from a bad disease.)

Khaado khaaey, Ta akhiyoon lajayeen (if you partake of somebody's food, you feel embarrassed until you reciprocate the favor.)

Khaado khaaibo ta khangbo bhee (while eating, you will be sometimes forced to clear your throat.)

Khushee jairee khuraak koney, gantee jairo marz koney (there is no nourishment like joy, and no disease is worse than worry.)

Kini aangur vadhee bhalee (it is better to cut a bad finger. ( Rather than the poison spreads).)

Koylan jey dalaalee mein, hatha bhee kaaraa, Ta per bhee kaaraa (if you work in a coal mine, your hands and feet are bound to get soiled.)

Kuey ladhee haid garee, Chavey aaon pasaaree (a mouse found a piece of turmeric, and claims to own a grocery store.) Labhey lath na, Babo bandookan vaaro (he is a type of person who does not even own a stick, and he claims to be a master of guns.)

Lachmi vaney ta lachhan bi vanan (What happens when wealth bids adieu? Sometimes it takes your good qualities with it.)

Maaran vaarey khaan, Rakhan vaaro vado aahey (God, the Protector is greater than he who wants to harm you)

Maau jee dil makhan, Puta jee dil pathar (a mother's heart is soft as butter while the heart of the son is made of stone.)

Mau janeendi putraa, Bhaag na deendi vandey (though a mother gives birth and life to children, yet she cannot divide the same destiny equally amongst them.)

Moor khaan vyaaj mitho (the interest is always more enjoyable than the principal amount, thereby implying that one tends to love ones grand-children more than their parents.)

Moorakh jey khushaamad khaan, Syaaney jee tok bhalee (it is better to be criticized by a wise man rather than be praised by a fool.)

Murs ta phado, Na ta jado (unless a husband is hard to please, he is not good enough.)

Na dijey na dukhoyjey (Do not give, if you must hurt the person later.")

Naadaan dost khaan, Daanav dushman chango (it is better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend.)

Naani radhan vaaree, Doitaa khaain vaaraa (maternal grand-children eat while the grand-mother toils and cooks.)

Naarey binaa nar vegaano (without money man feels alone and dejected.)

Naathee dingee kaathee (son-in-law is compared to a crooked stick.)

Nayee kwaanr nava deenha, Chhikey taaney daha deenha (a bride remains a new bride for 9 days, and at the most for 10 days. This proverb probably means that a bride gets to rest for 9 days after which she starts her domestic duties.)

Nekee karey daryaa mein vijh (after having performed a good deed, drop the thought of it into the sea.)( your right hand does a good deed, your left hand should not get to know about it.)

Noree maan naang karan (There are people, who do nothing but exaggerate. Sindhis said that such people convert a rope into a snake.) (Storm in a teacup)

Pahanjey gatee, Pau gaday khey pere (for ones benefit, one sometimes should pamper a donkey (a fool).)

Par pyo, ghar vyo (when an intruder enters ones house, he may be the cause of the destruction of ones home.)

Putu thyey maal bhai, Dheeya thyey haal bhai (a son shares you properties and possessions whereas a daughter partakes of your joys and sorrows.)

Saa-ey maan sau sukha (one can derive a lot of benefit from the fortunate ones.)

Sab aangriyoon baraabar konan (all fingers are not of the same size or shape.)

Sabur jo phal mitho aahey (that patience brings a sweet reward.) perseverance brings to ones destiny a fruit that is sweet.)

Sach ta vetho nach (If you speak the truth you can continue to dance with joy. In other words, if you speak the truth, you can enjoy peace as there is no fear of you contradicting yourself.)

Sakhi khaan shoom bhalo, Jo turt dyey javaab (he is better, who promptly says "No" to a proposition, rather than the one who says "Yes" to proposals, and then goes on to resent the same.)

Sakhini kunee ghano ubhaamey (an empty vessel bubbles more, or makes the most sound.)

Sas kaath jee bi suthee (though a mother-in-law be hard as wood , she is good to have around, as during times of need she would always be there to extend a helping hand.)

Savar aahir per digheran (one should live according to ones means.)

Sena akhyun jaa nena (the in-laws of ones off-spring, are as dear to one, as ones own eye pupils.)

Sheedi siki vyaa soonha khaan, Maan siki vyas siyaani noonha khaan (the dark-skinned people yearn for a fair complexion, whereas I long for a sensible daughter-in-law.)

Soorat khaan seerat bhali (it is better to have uprightness, rather than possess good looks. )

Taari hik hathee kon vajandee aahey (one cannot clap with one hand . It implies that wherever there is an argument, all parties are probably to blame to a certain extent.)

Thado gharo paan khey paaneyee chhaaon mein vyaarey (a cool pot of water seats itself in the shade. It implies that if one stays composed one stays out of conflict.)

Thoro disee araao na thijey, Ghano disee sarao na thijey (For peace of mind: one should not to be distressed, when one possesses less, and not be proud when one has much. Thus: Turt daan, Maha kalyaan (if you execute your duty promptly, it is equivalent to performing a good deed.)

Turt kam maha punya (if you execute your duty promptly, it is equivalent to performing a good deed.)

Uhaayee zibaan ussa mein vyaarey, Uhaayee zibaan chhaaon mein vyaarey (the same tongue makes you sit under the sun and it is the same tongue that makes you sit in the shade.)

Uhey hath roti mein, Uhey hath choti mein (people who take up too many tasks at one time, are like those who use the same hands to knead dough, and the same hands to plait their hair.)

Uheyee hatha neer mein, Uheyee hatha kheer mein (at times life doles out two tasks at the same time. One provides pain, and the other gives joy.)

Uho sone hi ghoryo, Jo kana chhiney (those golden earrings are not worthy of possession if they are too heavy and tear your ears.)

Un-herya na her, mataan hirani, Heryaan na pher mataan phiranee (one should not get someone used to constant favors done out of goodwill, because when you stop doing them the benefaction, they might turn against one.)

Vandey viraayey sukh paaye (sharing what one has with ones brethren , gives happiness.)

Vethee huyee ruthee, Mathaan aayus peko maanoo (She was sitting annoyed and upset, and to make it worse, came someone to visit from her family.)

Vyaaj aahey Soortee ghoro (interest is like a racing horse.)

Vyaaj raat jo bhee pandh karey (interest "runs" which implies that it augments even during the night.)

Jite Lobhi hujhan, utey thogi bukha na maran

Hika hatha mein ba gidra kone khani saghanda.
Ahsan Sindhi

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