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Post by Ahsan Sindhi on Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:20 am

yaa Rab! Gam-e-hijraaN main itnaa to kiyaa hotaa
jo haath jigar pe hai wo dast-e-duaa hotaa

ik ishq kaa Gam aafat aur us pe ye dil aafat
yaa Gam na diyaa hotaa yaa dil na diyaa hotaa

Gairon se kahaa tum ne Gairon se sunaa tum ne
kuchh ham se kahaa hotaa kuchh ham se sunaa hotaa

ummeed to bandh jaatii taskeen to ho jaatii
waadaa na wafaa karte waadaa to kiyaa hotaa

naakaam-e-tamannaa dil is soch main rahtaa hai
yuuN hotaa to kyaa hotaa yuuN hotaa to kyaa hotaa
Ahsan Sindhi

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