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Computerized Shairi...

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Computerized Shairi...

Post by Mohsin on Sun Oct 11, 2009 10:40 pm

Computerized Shairi

Kal jab mile the to Dil me hua ek sound,
Or aaj milay to kehte ho Your File Not Found.

Jo Muddat se hota aaya hai wo Repeat ker dunga,
Yu na mili to apni Zindagi CTRL + ALT
+ Delete ker dunga.

Shayed mere piyar ko Taste karna bhool gaye,
Dil se aisa Cut kiya ke Paste kerna bhool gaye.

Lakhon honge nigah me, kabhi mujhe b Pick kiya karo,
Mere piya ke Icon pe kabhi to Double Click kiya karo.


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