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Post by Ahsan Sindhi on Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:00 am

Tumhari Yaad Say Jab Ham Guzarnay Lagtay Hen
Jo Koi Kaam Na Ho Bus Wo Karnay Lagtay Hen

Tumhary Aaina Zaat K Tassawwur Men
Ham Apnay Aaina Aagay Sanwarnay Lagtay Hen

Ham Apni Haalat E Bayhaaliyey Aziyat Men
Najanay Kis Ko , Kisay Yaad Karnay Lagtay Hen

Boht Udaas Hon Men Gham Sada Nahi Rehta
Boht Udaas Hon Men Zakham Bharnay Lagty Hen

Unhen Men Teri Tamanna Ka Funn Seekhata Hon
Jo Log Teri Tamanna Say Darnay Lagtay Hen

Yahaan Men Zikir Nahi Kar Raha Makeenon Ka
Kabhe Kabhe Dar O Dewaar Marnay Lagtay Hen
Ahsan Sindhi

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