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You live in my heart, poem

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You live in my heart, poem

Post by Bakhtiar on Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:45 pm

You live in my heart,
i won't break it apart,
even if it makes me to cry,
i will love you..

Evev If I knew that
I may not be the one for you,
i would have still loved you-

My love is not written on sand,
for the waters to wash away,
it is written in my heart to stand,
with all the difficulty that comes its way.

You live in the innercore of my heart
the dream of being together will-
always burn like a fire....

Nights seems to be getting

longer and longer,
with thoughts of u getting

stronger and stronger.

Our love may not be a one happy chapter,
like the saying "they lived happily ever after",
By loving you,..

i have lost everything to you.

Forever you will live in my heart,
the thoughts of you,..will always linger,
And i will always cherished them .

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